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Cowley County Fire District IV is an all volunteer fire department that protects all of Maple, Ninnescah and Rock Township in Cowley County, Kansas. We also protect 12 sections of Gore Township in Sumner County and 6 sections of Fairview Township in Cowley County.  The total size of our fire district is 132 square miles and a population of 2,600 people. 


We have 20 active volunteers and work out of two stations.  Our main station is located in Udall and we have a sub station in Rock.  We currently have 1 engine, 1 combination engine/tanker, 1 tanker, 1 pumper, 1 rescue and 3 grass rigs.


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Outdoor Burning

Outdoor burning in the unincorporated portions of Cowley County Fire District IV requires authorization before the burning is to take place. To receive authorization for any type of outdoor burning in Cowley County you must call the Winfield 911 Center at 620-221-5555.  To receive authorization for any type of outdoor burning in Sumner County you must call the Sumner County  911 Center at

Outdoor burning in the city limits of Udall is prohibited.

If weather conditions are favorable, you will receive authorization for your burn. You must also follow the guidelines below while conducting an outdoor burn.


General Guidelines For Outdoor Burning

The following guidelines were established by K.A.R. 28-19-47(e) and are to be followed when conducting any outdoor burning operation within Cowley County, Kansas.

1. Burning is not otherwise prohibited by any local jurisdiction of authority.

2. Burning of materials that produce heavy smoke, such as oils, tires, and tarpaper is prohibited.

3. Burning shall take place only during daylight hours and shall not be started  until at least one hour after sunrise however, burning to create firebreaks is permitted during early morning hours to take advantage of calm wind conditions.

4. Burning is prohibited during foggy days or cloudy days with a ceiling of less than 2000 feet.

5. Burning is restricted to periods when surface wind speed is more than 5 miles per hour and 15 miles per hour, and from a direction which will not carry smoke over any occupied dwelling or public roadways or over any airports within two miles of the burning site.

6. Burning within 1000 feet of a roadway shall take place only after appropriate notification to the highway patrol, sheriff's office, or other appropriate authorities, in order to avoid potential traffic safety hazards.

7. The area to be burned is at least 1000 feet from any occupied dwelling and at least one mile from any airport.

8. The burning operation is supervised until the fire is extinguished.




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